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What is GSD Card?

The GSD Card is a National Card program developed by Worldview International Group, in collaboration with the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) for every student in Tertiary Institutions in Ghana. The program was introduced in 2014 as a National Student ID/discount card with a difference. The card enables students to receive discounts on purchases; making sure they save money and maximise their resources.

The card is designed to make life comfortable for students, as we believe that you shouldn’t be expected to pay the same for goods and services as someone who is employed. As a GSD cardholder, you get discounts, specific and only for you!

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How It Works

Becoming GSD member, is just the beginning, and the benefits far outweighs any fees charged. Getting on board is just two steps and you can start enjoying your membership



Order your card for GHC15 using Mobile Money, a GSD Voucher, or through our Campus Ambassador. Your card will arrive in 5 business days.



When your card arrives, you will need to activate the card, either on our website, or through the App. This is to confirm that you have received your card.


Present in Shop

Present your card at the point of sale in any shop that has a 'GSD Accepted Here' placard displayed. These are our partnered businesses.


Load Money

This is optional; you can also put money onto the card and use it like a gift card, either in-store, or through our online retailers.

Transportation & Travel

Find and book discounted flights /bus tickets in advance through our platform. Load money on your GSD card and pay for your flight while we email the booking confirmation to your email address. You can’t get it cheaper elsewhere.

Book Advance Flight Tickets Online

Book Advance Bus Tickets Online

Enjoy Up to 3% Discount on Airtime and online shopping

GSD Card member gets exclusive deals on Airtime, Health & Beauty with unlimited usage


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Health and Beauty

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Need Convincing?

Be an e-GSD cardholder for FREE. e-GSD Card allows you to try our membership for free before making up your mind in becoming a full GSD Cardholder. You will be able to try it until you are convinced of the benefit of the card. You will be issued with an electronic membership number, which can be used in accessing all the online benefit associated with GSD card. E-GSD cardholder cannot be used in shops and business that require to see the physical card.

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Try e-GSD Membership for FREE


Some of the awesome features

GSD Card comes with an app that allows you to check out how and where you can save money when you're on the go..

  • Load Money

    put money on your GSD Card from your Bank, Mobile Money or GSD voucher.

  • Send Money

    you can send money to any GSD card holder for FREE

  • Cash withdrawal

    you can withdraw money to a bank account and to any mobile money

  • Discounted Airtime

    you can buy airtime 24/7 through the app to any mobile network

  • Bus/Flight Ticket

    book and pay for flight / bus ticket through the app

  • Voucher Agent locator

    gain access to nearest GSD voucher agent

  • Merchant locator

    see all the nearest discounts to your exact location

  • Job Search

    be the first to know about graduates and part-time job opportunities available



We are grateful for all our awesome testimonials! There are hundreds of happy GSD card members. Here are a few of our members feedbacks.


Ready to join GSD Family?

Get the full membership for just GHc15 and enjoy Twelve (12) months worth of savings on all the things you love!


To become an instant discount saver, you must be a final year senior high school student, part-time or full time polytechnic/university student or an international student studying in Ghana. Registration Requirements

  1. Have your student ID number handy
  2. A recent passport photo with a white background, scanned and ready for upload
  3. A payment of GHc15 on your mobile money wallet or a GSD Voucher

Full Membership


This is perfect choice for every student

In-store discount

Online usage

Part-time/graduate job alert

Free Mobile App

Free Events attendance

Scholarship opportunity alert

Live Chat Support

E-GSD Card


Try e-GSD Card before making up your mind

GSD Voucher

Search and visit any of the GSD Agent on your Campus and buy GHc15 GSD Voucher

Find the nearest GSD Voucher Agent

Mobile Money

You can pay the GHc15 Membership FEE using Mobile Money. Ensure you have money in Mobile money Wallet before you start the process

MTN Mobile Money

Tigo Cash

Airtel Mobile Money


MTN: 0555163299 


Register online and make your one time payment

The GSD Team does a check and prints your membership card

6 working days, card is delivered to the GSD agent on your campus

Receive SMS to pick up and start enjoying you GSD

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Let us keep you in the loop and give you more details about special offers and development. Please fill out the form below.

GSD App is available for Android Device

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App for merchant also available to be downloaded, Here