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What GSD Card?

GSD Card allows tertiary students to enjoy discount on goods and services. We believe that Students shouldn’t pay the same amount for goods and services as people in full time employment. Students enjoy discount from merchants in the following category: Events & Entertainment, Transportation & Travel, Telecoms & Internet, Computers & Electronics, Fashion & Accessories, Health and Beauty, Food & Restaurants etc.

How do I register for a GSD Card?

Visit www.gsdcard.com/register and follow the procedure to register for a card. Alternatively, download GSD Card App from Playstore; open the app and select “Register for GSD Card”

Is GSD card free?

No it is not. However, you can register for a free virtual card that is restricted to some online purchase by visiting http://membership.gsdcard.com. You can upgrade later to the physical GSD card at a cost of Ghc15 a year to enjoy unlimited discounts.

How do I pay for my registration online?

Prior to your registration you have to make sure you have Ghc15 in your personal mobile money account or a Ghc15 GSD voucher at hand. Once you get to the payment section you would be asked which method you want to use. Select your preferred option and continue.

Please note that for online registrations, you have the option to send payment using any of the mobile network available.

In the event that you don’t have a mobile money account or a GSD voucher, you can pay through a mobile money agent to our official mobile money account –Mtn (0555163299 – Nancy Neizer)

How long does it take to get my GSD card after registration?

It takes 2 working days to process your free virtual card and 5 working days to process and send your physical card to our Agents on your campus.

How do I activate my GSD card?

Once you receive your card, visit https://www.gsdcard.com/activateUser, enter the telephone number you registered with and the 16digits on your GSD card to activate your card. Alternatively, if you have downloaded the GSD Card App from Playstore, you will see “Activate My GSD Card” below the page, proceed to activate your card.

Will you share my details with other companies?

No. We don’t share any of your information to other companies

How do I know that my money is safe?

For online purchases, your money will be debited only when you receive the good you ordered. Once you see the good and you are ok with it, you will give an acceptance code, which you will receive on your phone to the delivery guy to enter to debit your account with the price of the good.

What should I do if my GSD card is lost or stolen?

Contact our office immediately to block the card and to issue you a new card. This will come at cost of GHc15. Call 0555163299

How do I load money on to my GSD card?

You can load money on your card by clicking DISCOUNT CARD on your dashboard. Select the mode you want to use; through mobile money or GSD Voucher

How do I get a GSD Voucher?

Visit our GSD Agent on your campus for a voucher. Check www.gsdcard.com/agents for the list of our Agents and where to locate them. You can also call our office for more information

Is there a limit on how much I can load?

There’s no limit.

How do I send money using my card?

Sending money from your card is not active at the moment. You will be notified when it is activated

Can the cards be used outside the Ghana?


Can the cards be used to shop online?

The card can be used make online purchases ONLY on our website

Can the card be used to get cash back in shops?

No. Once you activate your card, go to WITHDRAW on your dashboard and set up your Withdrawal options. Once you make a withdrawal request, your money will be sent to the option you select; to your bank account or to your mobile money account for easy withdrawal

What are the charges for using the card?

With free virtual card, you don’t pay anything and there are NO charges. A physical card cost Ghc15 a year and there are NO extra charges.

Can I change my Password?

Yes you can change your password anytime you want to. Click on your profile dropdown button beside your profile picture and select Change Password.

How do I check my transactions, statements and card balances?

You can always see your balance at the top right of your dashboard. Select Transaction on your dashboard to see all transactions.

How do I update my account details?

Click profile dropdown button beside your profile picture and select Settings to update your details

Can I use my GSD card when am out of school?

You can still use your card when you complete school and it hasn’t expired. This may be some few months depending on when you got the card. However you cannot renew the card after school when it expires.

Does GSD card function like ATM card?

No it doesn’t. It’s strictly for online purchases on our platform and offline purchases in partnering shops.

o I get a different card when I renew my GSD card?

Yes, you get a new card with a new card number when you renew your card

Can I renew my GSD card after a year or two after school?

No you can’t. However, you can always apply for a new card anytime you go back to school.

How do I get discount from the Telco’s? Do I get discount when I enter their offices for transactions?

No. You only get discount when you top up your airtime/credit from our platform (Download GSD Card App from Playstore

How do I receive my flight ticket when I book on GSD card platform?

The airline sends the tickets directly to your email account.

How do I get discount when am not in Accra, since most of your partners is in Accra?

We are working at getting more merchants in the other regions of Ghana. Some of our merchants have branches outside Accra and you can still benefit from them

We also have delivery guys who do delivery to other regions but that comes at a cost. You can order for a product in Accra and it will be delivered to your campus in any region.