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About Us

Worldview International is an innovative fast growing organization providing targeted solutions for the challenges facing producers, consumers and those in the education sector in Africa.

Ghana Students' Discount (GSD) Card is a Worldview International Group initiative with the aim to enhance African student experience and to ensure students pay less for goods and services compared to persons in full time employment.

We partnered with the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) in 2013 to launch a national student ID / discount card with a difference in Ghana.

GSD Card is the first of its kind in Ghana; with the aim and vision to become a multi-functional card that every student in Ghana cannot do without.


National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) is the largest student movement in Ghana and a very dominant force in Africa and beyond. It organizes all students in Ghana; from Senior High Schools to Institutions of Higher Learning; it is the umbrella organization for all students of Ghana.

NUGS' key strength lies in its numbers; which it employs as a bargaining tool to negotiate for the supreme interests of students at all times.

It is made up of diverse students, regardless of their religion, gender, cultural background, political persuasion, ethnic origin or social standing.

NUGS is wholly student-run, autonomous and operates according to democratic principles. NUGS represents over 7 million students in Ghana.


An exclusive 6 year agreement signed with the National Union of Ghana Students in June 2013

GSD Card launched by the President, National Union of Students from the UK, Toni Pearce at the NUGs National Congress in 2013

Thousands of active users since 2013. Looking to grow to a Million users soon

1 year renewable contract with major airlines, telecom, transport companies and businesses in Ghana offering exclusive deals to GSD Card members

Partnership with the biggest banks; making GSD card a prepaid card


To make sure student don't pay the same amount for goods and services they purchase while they are still students

To bring their favourite brands, shops, products and services to their door step

To ensure every students in Ghana benefit from our service


Worldview International & NUGs signed a 6 year Memorandum of Agreement in Accra- Ghana

Toni Pearce, President, National Union of Ghana Students officially launches Ghana Students Discount Card

Registration of Students at the NUGS national congress